Easy Party Punch

This is my first choice in any punch! It is great as a mix for rum. The original rum punch! As the sherbet melts in the punch bowl, it forms a thick froth on top of the liquids.

Bridal Punch

I have no idea why this is called bridal punch. I believe it received its name from the colour pink. It is striking, when made!

Champagne Punch

Punches exist because they are so pretty and inviting. I love this one as it hints of winter snow.

Cranberry Grapefruit Punch

I am fond of non-alcoholic punches where people can use it as a mix for their drink of choice and others of all ages can enjoy a refreshing drink! I like to make this punch in a large drink cooler with a pouring spout. Kids are drawn to the cooler, as they love the ease of pushing a button to pour their own drink. My cooler has a base for ice to keep the drink cool but when a punch bowl is used, it is easy to offer a bucket of ice cubes along side.

Brian’s Southern Comfort Punch

I worked with Brian for several years and have to say each time he made this punch at a potluck he hosted, it was well received! This is the first of my punch recipes. Add a block of ice with frozen flower petals to add more to the “southern” theme.

Hot Spiced Cranberry Punch

This is the best variation of a hot cider recipe that I have.  It smells wonderful on the stove and can be made in an electric pot or a large slow cooker but makes enough that it works best in a large pot on the stove. It is a perfect festive drink in the winter. If people don’t mind the odd clove at the bottom of their mug, then don’t bother straining it before serving. The longer the spices sit the stronger the drink will be. Serve in a mug or a heat resistant punch cup.

Frozen Peach Daiquiri

I have to admit that I am a cocktail junkie! On many of these ’70s bar recipes, you can just shake them with ice cubes and turn them into martinis. Having an at home New Year’s Eve Party? Just work your way through these selections and see how far you get! One of my favourite cocktail ingredients are peaches. One of my favourite liquors is rum!  This recipe is very easy and very tasty! If turning it into a martini, it no longer carries the title “frozen.” Cheers!

Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri

I used to only enjoy this drink, when strawberries were in season but now with such easy access to frozen strawberries, it just adds to the “frozen” feeling even omitting the ice and turning it into a martini. This recipe is also great with a little or a lot of rum….depending on your mood!

Gin or Vodka Slush

Slushes were extremely popular in the ’80s. Now you can buy the frozen drinks or a frozen drink base and add your own liquor. I still enjoy the original recipes I have much better. Either Gin or Vodka can be used in this one as it has an orange/lemon base.

Rum Slush

This is an easier version to make of the gin/vodka slush and has less alcohol and less sugar. I like it better than other slush recipes

Vodka Slush

If for some reason, you don’t like tea or caffeine, then this slush recipe is perfect as there is no tea in this recipe.


Fuzzy Navel

Such an easy drink to make. Only 3 ingredients and if you don’t want it to be too strong, leave out the vodka!  Can’t mess it up with only two ingredients! Garnish with  a peach slice. Decrease the orange juice and turn it into a martini garnished with grated firm peaches.

Whiskey Sour

This recipe dates back to the early and mid ’70s. Next to Singapore Slings, am sure this was the most popular cocktail of the day.

Lemonade made from Lemon Juice

One day I was craving lemonade (another hot summer day) and there were no fresh lemons in sight. I always have lemon juice in the fridge and worked on a recipe which seemed to fit the bill.

Real Lemonade – Single Serving

A non alcoholic drink which is extremely refreshing on a hot summer’s day. I was first introduced to this lemonade one day on a dock in Mahone Bay during Pirate’s Days. It was so simple and I kept adding water to the glass all day to continue the lemon taste.

450 Calorie Spiked Hot Chocolate

You can do anything to this recipe. Exchange the chocolate liqueur for coffee or almond liqueur, go lighter on the milk and use whip cream or milk froth on top. It is most definitely a curling up in front of the fire drink and will guarantee sweet dreams!

Audrey’s Irish Cream

Homemade Irish Cream?  Never would have thought. This does taste like the real thing. Since it contains eggs and milk, it has to be refrigerated but lasts a month. Usually the bottle is empty within a few days!

Sangria (Best and Easy)

This is a Red not White Wine Sangria recipe. Many people have told me that their Sangria recipe is the easiest and best, but once they taste this recipe and see how quickly it is made up, they change their minds. I swear the secret ingredient is the brandy. You can use a variation of fresh or frozen fruit. The only problem with this recipe is that it disappears quite quickly and there is no such thing as left overs! Add ice to each glass before serving.

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