Weather Station

Weather Forecast Station
Weather Forecast Station

Although weather can be rather unpredictable at times, I find the weather forecast station we have on board quite accurate and fun to watch as its built in barometer graphically indicates a predicted weather change. It acts as our clock, (uses the US Atomic Clock to automatically set time), shows the day of the week, and gives temperatures for both inside and out. The first summer the clock set automatically to the Atomic Clock, but in the second season, it didn’t automatically change when the time changed. According to the notes from the source, here in the Atlantic Provinces we are out of the Atomic Clock range.  We attached the larger base unit on a screw already set into the wooden wall, and the outside unit attached just inside the dodger using a plastic tie connector. It is very weather proof and designed for gardens and green houses. Available from Lee Valley and the price in 2014 is $69.50.

The description from the Lee Valley site is as follows:

“Anyone interested in the weather will appreciate this wireless weather station. It provides current temperature and humidity readings and monitors barometric trends to forecast weather changes. The large, easy-to-read LCD screen displays a 24-hour record of barometric pressure, forecast icons, a weather tendency indicator and the current moon phase. It reads indoor and outdoor temperatures (-9.99°C to 59.9°C / 14.2°F to 139.8°F indoors, -39.9°C to 59.9°C / -39.8°F to 139.8°F outdoors) and humidity (20%-95% indoors, 1%-99% outdoors) and provides min/max readings for both.  It takes readings from up to three sensors (one included with mounting hardware) up to 100m (330′) away. The clock receives signals* from the U.S. Atomic Clock in Boulder, CO, and automatically calibrates itself daily for accuracy, even updating for Daylight Saving Time. Set on a tabletop or wall mounted, it runs on five AA batteries (not included). An ideal gift for any gardener or outdoor enthusiast. (La Crosse Technology model #WS-9037U-IT.)  * The radio signals are detectable throughout the United States (except Alaska and Hawaii) and in most parts of Canada (except the Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut and the Atlantic provinces). For areas where there is no signal detection, this clock will operate as a normal clock and requires manual time correction as necessary.”

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