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Trailwood Portable Water HeaterHeating water using aHotWaterHeater kettle on the stove for washing up or dishes is not difficult, but after a few days, I do enjoy a hot shower.  For less than $100 we purchased a nifty Trailwood propane hot water heater at Canadian Tire. When in use, it fits easily in the head on top of the vanity at the sink. We store it away under the diner table, when not in use in its carry bag. All you do is attach a propane canister, attach the water to the faucet, turn on the water, light the propane and away you go! Instant hot water coming from the tap on the heater. We haven’t been able to fit any type of shower head to it, but I sit comfortably on a small plastic fold away stool underneath the water flow and the funky set up works perfectly for taking a shower.  The slower the water flow, the hotter is the water. Such a smart bit of engineering to save water. The picture shows an identical model set up permanently to a portable water source. As of 2014 it is available at Canadian Tire for $199. We bought ours at the end of the season for a lot less. Obviously on sale.

Product information from Canadian Tire is as follows:
“Lightweight (4 kg) hot water heater for the campsite, picnic, RV or backyard. Powered by 1lb propane tank.  Heats water up to 70ºC (160ºF).  Canadian Tire Warranty:  2 year repair only warranty redeemable at any Canadian Tire store.”

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  1. The heater has to have water pressure to work. The water bag leaked on ours, it was difficult to light and getting enough height on the water bag for the unit to work was more trouble than it was worth.

    1. Our heater sits on the counter in the head and connects to the cold water tap, using pressure from the water pump. We have no water bag. I turn the tap on slightly so the water runs lightly, keeping the temperature comfortably warm, sit on a stool underneath to wash my hair and take a shower. We have no problems lighting it.

  2. I have a model no,HW 0902.potable water heater. Would like to replace. Where and what is todays cost?

    1. It appears that the Trailwood is no longer available. I found something similar that doesn’t need water pressure as it has its own pump but is very expensive. on Amazone.ca so the price is in Cdn $ https://www.amazon.ca/BaseCamp-Mr-Heater-F235300-BOSS-XB13/dp/B011TRLVP0. There are cheaper options available, if you already have propane hooked up. There is also a Coleman model that is over $400. https://www.amazon.ca/Coleman-Water-Demand-Portable-Heater/dp/B01C7HF0NU/. Now for less than $60, if I had to gets something new, I will select this option: https://www.amazon.ca/Ivation-Portable-Hands-Free-Rechargeable-Removable/dp/B07SY9J14X, just heat up some water on a stove. Move the pot of water to the shower room and bingo, take a shower using this nifty gadget.

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