Louisa and Kelly performing on Rainbow.
Video of Louisa and Kelly performing on Rainbow.

My favourite entertainment is when we have the opportunity to have musicians and singers on board. Few and far between, but nothing beats having your own “travelling road show.”  The recording to the right (just click on the link) is of Louisa and Kelly.  We were followed for awhile by another boat just enjoying their performance!


Media:  Even on a small boat of our side, our entertainment needs are the same as a large yacht. We are used to what we have on land and tend to demand the same things at sea. Rainbow came equipped with a VHS and a combined marine CD Player and AM/FM radio. I quickly became bored of listening to the marine weather repeat itself in the same animated voice (scripted with thousands of phrases and pieced together for different weather conditions).  The conversations on the VHS radio were far and few between and really weren’t very interesting at all.   I was not much of a radio person but that first summer I listened to a lot of  radio shows on the CBC.  The programs were informative and interesting, but I craved something more.  

For entertainment, besides the iPad and any smart phones, we have a portable DVD player and a CD player with speakers for music or radio.   Although, when we have a solid internet connection, which is more frequent since purchasing the new WIFI antenna system, we now watch movies and TV series on Netflex a lot.   The boat really is a cozy spot to spend the night.  I have a folding camping chair for extra seating, when watching programs.  I also have a small lap top type desk, which stays on the end of Layton’s bed, which houses the laptop.  It is now the entertainment centre.

We could watch movies in the evening in bed on a portable DVD player and filled the boat with a selection of  DVD movies.  I was never a person who would watch a movie more than once, and Michael would fall asleep mid way through, so that still wasn’t ideal.  Once we got a reliable internet connection, Netflix became my favourite choice in media .  It made all the difference in the world for those evenings, when I just wanted to curl up in front of the TV.  While on route, we played music from the CD player, but without outside speakers, the entertainment value diminished.  

Layton taking over our navigation system.
Layton taking over our navigation system.

Layton’s favourite entertainment is playing on the iPad.  While traveling he has an old iPhone with his same favourite games installed as a back up!

How loud do you like your music?  Well, inside the cockpit, we are fine for audio. The marine quality radio/CD player has nice little speakers, but somehow the structure of the boat mutes the sound into the cockpit, or the person down below doesn’t want to go deaf. Either way, we needed to make a change.  The iPad was a weak replacement. Its speakers aren’t that strong as being on the water, isn’t always a quiet experience. Sailboats are noisy.  We first purchased novelty Speakers, the size of a bullet that transmits sounds using anything hollow as a vehicle.  We found a spot tucked into the dodger that increased the volume of the original from the iPad.  But if you are any kind of an audiophile this isn’t a great replacement for conventional speakers.  This winter we decided to go even larger, and purchased a small sound system to connect to the iPad.  Not sure if it will work any better or last any longer (keeping in mind the dampness and salt air that can cause corrosion), but if not, we are only out about $20 on this experiment.

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