Boat Recipes

I find that you can make anything on the boat that you can make at home, as long as you can make it smaller and less complicated, as you will be limited to the meal by the number of burners on your stove, size of the oven, storage capacity of fridge/icebox and the number and type of utensils, as in pots and pans!

I rarely start from scratch, and rely on a base or a starter kit, then build on that.  I don’t really like to spend as much time preparing meals on a boat, as I would at home.  Boating is supposed to be my escape. I work from my pantry and bring new stuff, when I have a specific recipe I want to try.  My cook using the KISS philosophy.

As for recipe books, I don’t have one on board [yet.]  I have only seen one book specifically published for boating recipes and can be purchased from the publisher or on Amazon:  The Boat Galley Cookbook.


Apple Pie

Banana Bread

Boat Pizza

Chicken Pot Pie




Tea Biscuits

Links to Other Boat Recipes

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