Screens & Curtains

Screens: I wanted more than just the wooden doors to put up to close off the cockpit, while we are on the boat. I added velcro tape to the inside edge of the hatch and on a piece of heavy plastic and a piece of nylon netting, I added the corresponding velcro tape, so that either the plastic or the netting can be easily attached to the closed hatch to close off the companionway to the cockpit.  This keeps any heat in, or keeps any bugs out, depending on what I use.  Michael really didn’t like the velcro set up, so I purchased spring curtain rods and will try my plastic sheet arrangement and the netting arrangement on the rods instead. There are three wooden doors, and I often put in the bottom door so neither child or dog can wander outside after dark.  We also have portable screens that fit inside the port holes, so that we can keep the port holes  open at night.  There is a wire screen for the hatch in the fore deck.  We purchased PortVisors which should solve the problem of the screens falling outside (which they have done in the past) and allow us to keep the windows open when it rains, as well as stopping any seeping of water in through the portholes, if not quite tightly fastened closed.

Curtains:  I haven’t resolved this completely.  I made curtains for two portholes which open. Think of a hair net. Scale it down to porthole size and sewn in a white polyester-cotton white fabric featuring small navy anchors.  These can be moved around to any of the 4 portholes which open. I mostly use them at the v-berth to subdue the morning sunshine.  We haven’t needed anything beyond those for privacy.  The PortVisors also give a bit more privacy, although they are transparent.



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