I purchased a small inexpensive lantern from Walmart which uses tea candles. They burn for about 3 hours and illuminate the cabin enough until we fall asleep.  In 2014 I found ones which burn 6 hours. Some early mornings I wake to find the candle still burning. Having this night light seems important to a small children who is afraid of the dark and for adults who make late night trips to the head.  I hang it from one of the jumbo sized clothes pins over the galley sink, which also supports the fishing rod. Citronella tea lights are good to deter those nasty mosquitoes that seem to start buzzing only after you are tucked in at night.

We replaced some of the lights in the cabin with LEDs.  They seem to give off a better light and of course use less power.  I placed touch battery operated LED lights in places that are difficult to see (navigation panel, wet locker), but I find their velcro just doesn’t stick well to the wood. I like puck lights too, which can hang off a rod in the closet.

We found bbq lighters at Costco, which are refillable and have a built in light. I love them especially for lighting the pilot light in the oven. I have a flame and light all in one!  We keep one lighter on each side of the boat. The other one is used for lighting the propane furnace. The furnace is used even throughout the summer, just to get rid of the dampness from the air.  It also adds a nice glow in the cabin.

My favourite outdoor lighting is the anchor light.  I keep it in the ‘on’ position, and at dusk it comes on (or in very thick fog) and in the morning it shuts off.  It is LED and uses minimal power.  We also use an LED rope light at times and just twist it around the mast.


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