Head & Toiletries

The Head
The Head

The Head: A large container of vegetable oil is kept there, as every day or two I pour 1-2 tablespoons in the toilet to keep the seals lubricated.  I store a small toilet brush and plunger there, along with a folding plastic stool, a small bottle of bleach and a container of vinegar. Vinegar is also good for cleaning out the crude in the toilet system and used regularly. Toilet paper is stowed in a plastic bag either under the vanity or under the bed.  An extra roll is within reach but I made a toilet paper roll holder from a small piece of PVC pipe with a string through the pipe and attached the string to the closet door through the slots. There is no place to install a permanent toilet paper holder and it has to be out of range of the shower.

A few odds and ends.  I love suction cup stuff. And put a few Command Strip hooks around the boat and especially in the head. I added a suction cup container for our tooth brushes.  The door between our bed room and the head was missing, so I added an extension rod with a nautical themed fabric shower curtain in the doorway as a divider.

Toiletries: Toiletries including: soap in a net (I save all the small pieces of soap kept throughout the winter to add new each spring into the netting pouch), body wash, assorted toothbrushes, floss and different type of tooth paste, feminine products, more wash cloths than I have ever need, shampoo, conditioner, razors, prescription drugs, over the counter medications, liquid children’s benadryl and liquid children’s ibuprophen, netted shower sponge, sun tan oil and sunscreen, child spray sunscreen, hair brush, cotton swabs, petroleum jelly and anti-inflammatory lotion, along with a dog’s collar/cone to keep her from scratching at any bites or wounds, and citronella tea-candles in a bag.  The citronella adds a nice lemon smell to the area and I use them each night in the lantern.


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