Emergency Items

Emergency items includes, silicone rescue tape, plastic tool case with tools that fit into moulded spots in a case, (replaced by a standard plastic tool box in 2014), soft sided tool bags with additional extra tools, plastic coffee tins for storing assortments of things needed for repairs, two ditty bags kept in dry locker, one for sewing supplies and another for assorted tapes and strings, ditch kit near companionway, bathroom items and first aid kits.  Besides the already mentioned ditch kit, we have a portable VHF, and paper charts which are laminated and attached to a piece of wood (so they will float) and a nylon cord for securing.  The latter I used many years ago while racing where the likelihood of getting charts wet or losing them overboard was a lot greater than now, but if I had to abandon boat, it is part of my ditch kit.

Don’t forget any safety equipment which includes and not limited to fire extinguishers. Remember to tip them upside down regularly to keep the chemicals from “clogging.” We added smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and are still considering to add a propane alarm.

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