Boat Garden

DSC02218For those who like to garden or enjoy house plants, leaving it all behind on land is a sad event. Our boat is small so having plants on board is not entirely practical. What I love to grow is green onions. I find that they even tolerate a day or two after the water is gone. I have no idea why onions are so forgiving. Growing them not only fulfills the gardening urge but I can get at least two growths of green onions from them to use in preparing meals.  Once they have been cut back twice, I bring them home to pop into my satellite dish garden, where the bulbs grow into a small onion.

When you purchase a bunch of green onions, cut off the green part for use, just above the while bulb. Stick the bulb into a small container of water. Change water daily, if you remember. If you don’t the worse than can happen is that it gets stinky and slimy.  If this happens,  I just wash the bulb off and place in new water.  The picture shows the onions after a few weeks of new growth. After I use them, I will start the process again for a second re-growth.  That final growth in water will not be as spectacular, but it still produces.

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