A Fashion Statement

The array of nautical clothing available would make my closets at home overflow.  On Rainbow, I have to really consider, then re-consider what I bring on board and when to bring it.  For instance, I may start leaving a heavy warm coat at home once the hot weather hits.  I discovered from my experience that I should take clothing down as soon as the boat is launched.  Although we live a 30-minute drive from the marina, we can easily go down for a day sail and decide to stay longer.  One year we did an early day trip and since we were without a change of clothing, it required a quick trip to the local Atlantic Superstore for food and clothing, not only me, but also for a 3 yr-old.  Consequently, when the boat is launched, I now bring down my minimal clothing attire, just in case.

As spring hits Nova Scotia in somewhat of a hit or miss fashion, we can have periods of time with November or December type weather well into the late spring.  Over the years, I developed a good feeling for the seasons and predicting weather, and came up with a basic boat wardrobe.  With the addition of my new portable clothes washer, it may decrease my need for the amount of clothing on board. Although, it possibly will only mean I take less home to wash after our trips. 2015 note. Not once last year did I use the portable washing machine. It was a gift not a purchase, so am not guilt ridden for spending money on something which turned out to be not a necessity.  Having said that, the weather was not good last year and we didn’t have any long trips.

I sometimes work from the boat, so I figured one weeks worth of work clothing is all that I need. If we are at the marina, we have access to free laundry services.  I can always mix and match work clothing with any other pieces on board.  If I have to go to a job, I can keep my working wardrobe in my car and take a new outfit out each day to the boat.  It then gives me an area to hang work clothes without worry.  I always have my land rain gear with me, when leaving the boat and always keep them in my car.  Any clothing I take home to laundry, I return to the boat again.  We keep an assortment of ball caps on board as well as nice looking straw hats.  Although we don’t go into any areas which require dressing up, I just recently heard of someone who needed to borrow a tie while at a private marina in Florida.  Consequently, it is on my list.  I always take a few pair of earrings, bracelet and necklace, but not a lot of jewelry.  I just don’t want to keep track of it all. Neither of us wear watches abut use on board clocks, computers or cell phones to tell the time.  I take one handbag on board at the beginning of a trip, and transfer my basic stuff, when needed to a smaller purse that I keep on the boat.  I selected a small red canvas handbag with a long strap as my “take a shore” bag. If we are going to shore longer, then I have a large red/white striped over shoulder bag, with a zipper that I take. It holds everything and more!  Both bags are water proof, bright enough that I can keep my eye on, if lay them down somewhere, and can be easily cleaned and dried if required. The smaller bag I keep on the boat all the time, and the larger bag I also use to transport stuff to the boat.

Layton and Mike
Layton and Mike

We sometimes find that we have an event to attend with a costume theme. I purchased pirate costumes, which I store in a water proof bag and under the v-berth.

Mike and Verona as pirates
Mike and Verona as pirates
Layton munching out on dock
Layton munching out on dock
Layton on watch.
Layton on watch.

Basic List of Clothing Items:

Item # Items Female # Items Male # Items Child
Underwear as needed as needed as needed
t-shirts 4 4 4
pants/leggings 2 1 2
short pants/shorts 3 2 2
swim suit 2 2 2
long sleeve top 2 2 2
pj or pj bottoms 1 1 1
sleeveless tops 4 4 4
warm jacket 1 1 1
warm hat 1 1 1
warm gloves 1 1 1
sun hat 1 1 1
sun dress or dressy dress 1 n/a 1 if applicable
dress shirt and tie n/a 1 1 if applicable
sandals/dress shoes 1 1 1
socks 3 3 3
boots waterproof 1 1 1
rain jacket for boat 1 1 1
rain jacket for land 1 1 1
sweater 1 1 1
rain pants for boat 1 1 1
rain pants for land 1 1 if wanted 1 if wanted
work clothing, if required 5 outfits 5 outfits n/a

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