Canadian Censuses

Are you looking for an ancestor from a Canadian Census and don’t know where to start? If you are like many, you have different censuses book-marked on your browser and remember seeing one type of format but when searching records, the page and search process does not seem familiar. That is often because census records have been transcribed by different organizations, mostly on a volunteer basis and housed on different websites! I was involved in the transcription of one of these volunteer driven census and know how much work and how many mistakes can be made. Whenever possible, you should consult the original image. Listed below are links to census records available online as of January, 2017.

1770-1856 Assorted Censuses on microfilm only. Library and Archives Canada (LAC). Can be searched online but records are only available on microfilm at many public libraries and archives throughout Canada.

1817 Census. Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia (GANS). (Available to members only).

1825 Census. LAC. (Lower Canada – Quebec)

1827 Census. GANS. (members only)

1831 Census. LAC. (Lower Canada – Quebec)

1838 Census of Nova Scotia. GANS. (members only) (searchable database)

1842 Census (Canada East – Quebec). LAC.
Automated Genealogy.

1842 Census ( Canada West – Ontario). LAC.

1851/52 Census. (Canada East, West, NB and NS). LAC.

1851 Census (NB). Automated Genealogy.

1851 Census  – NS: Halifax County only.  GANS. (members only)

1851/52 Census (Canada East). Automated Genealogy.

1861 Census

1870 Census (Manitoba).  LAC.

1871 Census. LAC.

1871 Census (Ontario). LAC.

1881 Census. LAC.

1891 Census. LAC.

1901 Census. LAC.
Automated Genealogy.

1906 Census.(Northwest Provinces).  LAC.
Automated Genealogy.

1911 Census. LAC.
Automated Genealogy.

1916 Census. (Prairie Provinces).  LAC.

1921 Census. Library and Archives Canada

  Have all the above censuses from LAC starting with 1825.
Library and Archives Canada (LAC):  Includes a searchable database with links to scanned originals. Transcribed and proofread by volunteers. Records are linked to families.   Family members are also cross linked to other censuses. Transcriptions include links to scanned originals.
Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia (GANS): 1838 census transcribed by Karen McKay in a searchable database. 1817, 1827, 1838, 1851 (Halifax County only) censuses of Nova Scotia transcribed by Kim Stevens.  The 2017 membership fee to GANS is only $39. Do consider joining!
Newfoundland Grand Banks Genealogy:  Transcribed records for 1921, 1935, 1945 censuses of Newfoundland prior to joining Canada. Also includes various regional censuses dating back to 1675.

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