An Endless Search for Family!

Albert and Martha Leslie my great grandparents.
Albert and Martha Leslie my great grandparents.

I can’t remember there ever being a time, when I was not learning or hearing about my ancestors.  Stories about mariners, local heroes, interesting tidbits and who I am currently or never related to, was an ongoing occurrence in my family.  Genealogy research is second nature to me, and a version of mostly dead (and some most certainly alive elderly) relatives can be found on the following site:

Since 2017, Rootsweb has been “temporarily” disabled for uploads. I used a PlugIn called GenShow to compile a list of current surnames in my genealogy database. If you are unable to match the name in the rootsweb site, please leave a message below, and I can email you any updated data, if applicable.

I gathered together descriptions and links to some of my favourite Genealogy Websites.

Where did all that DNA come from?  My experience with genealogy DNA results.

Late in 2016 I compiled a list of Canadian Censuses. Some of the sources are restricted to members only ( and Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia.)

After realizing how much I was using the list of Canadian Censuses, I started compiling a list of where free vital statistics can be found.

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