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Vancouver 25 “Rainbow”

Other Vancouver 25s

Roué 87 “The Red Hackle”
Skipper & Crew
··Chief Steward and the Admiral
Preparing for Launch
··Boat Yard Etiquette
Outfitting the Galley
··What & Where to Eat
··Shopping by Dinghy
What We Added
··Sun & Rain Protection
··Electric Cooler
··Weather Station
··Portable Water Heater
··Portable Laundry
··Winch Handles
··Guest Book
Added Changed & What Works Best
··Emergency Items
··Power & Water
··Head & Toiletries
··Bed Time
··Cleaning & Storage
··Stop, Stay & Board
··Wood Refinishing
··Mid-Season Maintenance
··Screens & Curtains
··Boat Garden
··WIFI & Internet
··Navigation Systems on a Budget
Boat Recipes
··Apple Pie
··Boat Pizza
··Banana Bread
··Chicken Pot Pie
··Pancakes (optional Blueberry)
··Tea Biscuits & Raisin Scones
··Other Boat Recipes
A Fashion Statement
Adding a Child
Adding a Dog
Haul Out
Boaters & Blogging

Vancouver 25s

What was thought to be an original dozen of these charming pocket cruisers is expanding to many more! Along with being the administrator of the Vancouver 25 group on Facebook, I have taken on the role of chronicling as many of these wonderful sailboats as I can find. With the help of many contributors for over five years now, I have put together a compilation of the boats that can be be found all over the world. For background information on the Vancouver 25 history and excerpts from reviews and the designer, Bob Harris, please refer to the Vancouver 25 “Rainbow” page.

Each boat has been assigned its own page, where you will find as many details as I have been able to obtain, different names, past and present owners and contact information. I have left numbers blank, where I have not been able to find a match. I am not even aware if there are Vancouver 25s with some of these numbers as I don’t understand the hull numbering sequence and possibly they may be from specific importers but apply to a different type of boat entirely.

The Vancouver Yachts Association in the UK have added a page for the Vancouver 25s.

Please note that technical information pertaining to the laying of keel, production number, manufacturer and importer/exporter was found by running the HIN through the HINdecorder website.  There is quite a variation of MECs from the hull numbers.

I encourage both current and past owners to please send me any updates and corrections!

#1 Opah (previously known as Wino)


#3 Escapod (previously known as Dolphin, Cacapoo)



#6 Espiritu

#7 Tusitala (previously known as Lucy Maru, Motlee, September Song, Little Debbie, Miss Daisy Maru)


#9  Desperado (previously known as Steadfast)


#11 Carpe Diem (previously known as Gaffer, Marie)



#14 Luna (previously known as Reverie)

#15 Rainbow (previously known as Bygone, Beguine II)

#16 name unknown

#17 Almitra

#18 Steadfast (previously known as Paper Tiger)



#21 Opus

#22 Haleiwa 3

#23 Marylin May



#26 Nova Queen

#27 Old Squaw (previously known as Gemini)

#28 Nalu (previously known as Vanamos and Jolly Roger)




#32  Looksea


#34 Chinita (previously known as Libido)

#35 Kinsale



#38 Ofek 1 (previously known as Cool Change)

#39 Time Out (previously known as Classea)

Others with unknown Production Numbers:

China Moon




Sea Seal

The Loon

Other boats located in the following locations may be actually one of the above:

Fall River, MA, USA

Michigan, USA

Stockton, MI, USA


This site has taken on several directions in the short while. First set up in 2010, I left it blank for almost 4 years.  Then recently I had a desire to add some of my creative works to a site including genealogy and crafts. I wanted somewhere to show case it all. The whole site soon quickly took a turn, when I started writing about sailing.  It was like I couldn’t shut down the flow of words. Up until after 3am, night after night, the writings took on a life of their own.  I was quickly researching products, pulling up videos, looking through photos, pinning things to Pinterest and integrating it all into this site.  For what began as a somewhat shy venture, all of a sudden I was writing about how many pairs of underwear to bring on a boat!  Certainly, a complete 360! Yes, here you will still find info on the latest stuff I created in the craft world, but the meat and potatoes of the site, is strongly about sailing or just being on a boat!  I am inspired by those I know and those I have not yet met who are sailing to areas, I have only read about. But the whole process is relative and I am quite happy to be sailing around the Nova Scotia coastline with Michael, Whiskey and Layton, meeting up with old friends and new friends along the way. Although the scenery somewhat repeats itself, each trip is entirely different and we just go with the flow. I invite you to have a look at the site. It is designed for those who are just starting out with similar interests which you can refer to it as an introductory lesson on the topic.  If you have anything to add to the postings or just want to say hi , I would love to hear from you!

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