YES A SAILBOAT:  Table of Contents
Vancouver 25 “Rainbow”

Other Vancouver 25s

Roué 87 “The Red Hackle”
Skipper & Crew
··Chief Steward and the Admiral
Preparing for Launch
··Boat Yard Etiquette
Outfitting the Galley
··What & Where to Eat
··Shopping by Dinghy
What We Added
··Sun & Rain Protection
··Electric Cooler
··Weather Station
··Portable Water Heater
··Portable Laundry
··Winch Handles
··Guest Book
Added Changed & What Works Best
··Emergency Items
··Power & Water
··Head & Toiletries
··Bed Time
··Cleaning & Storage
··Stop, Stay & Board
··Wood Refinishing
··Mid-Season Maintenance
··Screens & Curtains
··Boat Garden
··WIFI & Internet
··Navigation Systems on a Budget
Boat Recipes
··Apple Pie
··Boat Pizza
··Banana Bread
··Chicken Pot Pie
··Pancakes (optional Blueberry)
··Tea Biscuits & Raisin Scones
··Other Boat Recipes
A Fashion Statement
Adding a Child
Adding a Dog
Haul Out
Boaters & Blogging