Minecraft Creeper Sweater

DSC02195At this point, Layton was tired of being my hat model.  Although he had his own hat that I knit he was demanding something more fun and a Creeper Sweater was what he wanted.  I had a ball of worsted yarn in just the right shade of green. I then went out and purchased a similar type in black.  I was now set. I had no idea how much yarn it would take to make the sweater and it was my very first trip out to actually buy yarn, as I was still working through my stash.  I have tons of old knitting books from different sources, some of which date back to the 1930s.  Years ago I used to knit Lopi sweaters and variations of that style  with different yarn types. I even knit a Mary Maxim sweater for myself once.  I remembered also once knitting a child’s sweater and it was that pattern, which I thought would work perfectly.  I decided I would first organize my patterns.  I grabbed an old portfolio binder and took an evening to file away lose patterns.  That was a start and I found what I was looking for! I measured up the child and knit a block to figure out the sizing.  I dug out some graph paper to draw out my Creeper pattern, worked out the pattern sequence  to fit on the sweater and off I went.

DSC02196The pattern was simple. I started with a smaller needle working my ribbing, then moved up the sweater, creating the Minecraft Creeper as I went. At the top of of the sweater I did several rows of ribbing in the same needle I was using and cast off.  There was no “shape” to this sweater, but it would work for my purposes.  As I was concerned about running out of the green, I did the back (or front as both are the same size) in green and black stripes.  Next, I knit one arm in solid green. At this point, I was getting more and more concerned about running out of green, so the second arm I added another Creeper.  By the time I finished kitting, I had only enough green yarn to sew together the back to front at the shoulders. Once I find more, he will at last have his Creeper sweater!


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    1. I’ll have to look to see if I wrote down the pattern. I know I was making it up as I went but I must have adapted it from something! Will get back to you, when I find it!

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