I first started making sweaters in the the late 70’s.  At that time I was still in crochet mode and rarely knit anything. I once saw someone wearing a crochet coat sweater which I really admired and had a long look at it and remembered the base of the pattern. I crochet several of these sweaters not only for myself but as gifts.  It was just about that time when Lopi sweaters came into fashion. I quickly learned to knit with circular needles and loved following the patterns.  I didn’t really like to work with wool and soon discovered I was allergic to it which caused some respiratory issues.  I then found patterns which I easily adapted to smaller circular needles using finer yarns.  I found following a knitting pattern much more interesting and easy than a crochet pattern.  Possibly because I was left handed and trying to decipher a new stitch meant thinking backwards to the instructions. Knitting caused less confusion.

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