The Purple Poncho

DSC02226Sometimes, when you purchase fabric or yarn out of impulse, you may never see an in result! If every purchase always worked out, I wouldn’t have bins of my late Grandmother’s fabric stored in my sewing room!  In my first order to Mary Maxim I ordered mulberry yarn with fluffy balls on on clearance.  It was cute, and the scarf pattern they showed seemed smart looking. The yarn is a larger version of the stuff I used to make one of my hats.  Not normal twisted yarn, it is synthetic, fluffy and does not have much (if any) stretch.  It came in skeins. I rolled each skein into a ball. I knit up the scarf. I liked it.  No one else did though. They all said, “try a hat.” I knit a hat, and quickly unraveled it, as it was really goofy.  Now I had one scarf and three balls of unused yarn remaining. I didn’t want 4 mulberry (purple?) scarves. The yarn is bulky weight, so I thought a poncho would work.  I found a Mary Maxim pattern for a poncho and realized quickly that it would take all 4 balls to knit, so I then unraveled the scarf.  Through all the knitting and unraveling I only lost two fluffy balls from the yarn in the process!  The poncho knit up in two evenings.  Everyone hates it.  Michael told me if I wore it out in public, he wouldn’t go  with me. I am not even allowed to bring it to the boat!  But I don’t care. I made it to wear while sitting in our porch where I sometimes get cold!  Chantal told me later, she found a blanket  online (I think I would call it an afghan) made in the same yarn. The poncho cost me less than $16 for the yarn, was fun to make and warm to wear.  A bargain as far as I am concerned.

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