Mary Maxim Comes Out of the Closet

DSC02221So I did it! I found and pulled my red and off white Mary Maxim sweater out of the closet and am actually wearing it on warmer days (around freezing).  It needs some adjustments with the buttons, which I remembered was one reason why I never wore it much. Even strangers have come up to me to say how much they love my sweater. But watch out, I now have a hat to match!!!

I was looking for something in the furnace room and came upon a basket of yarn!  A newly found treasure. Some of the yarn was left over red from my Mary Maxim sweater.  I am allergic to wool and knew I couldn’t have this close to my forehead, so was trying to figure out what do do with it, although it was screaming “hat” to me.

DSC02222I then remembered a small amount of off-white chunky yarn that was left over from the Maid Marion Hood, which would be enough to get me through the band on the hat. I was thrilled.  The colour match was so very close, no one would ever notice. In one evening I knit up the hat to match the sweater. I tried to incorporate a stitching design into the hat that was on the sweater. I still have more red  yarn left over and can’t figure out what I missed in the kit that I had so much red remaining. Unfortunately, I no longer have the original pattern nor is it on the Mary Maxim website. I might just buy more off-white chunky, and actually do the red and white design on a second hat or make mittens or a scarf with the two colours (possibly my preference).  Will see.

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