Allison’s Quilt

DSC00324With more of Grandmother’s panels to work with and just a few months after I made the baby quilt, I put together a larger one for Allison on her third birthday in May.  This was for her new big girl bed.  Allison is another one of Grandmother’s great-great grand-daughters.  I added a special touch to this quilt by making a matching pillow case.  I used the inside/outside pillow case method, which is so much fun to sew. Earlier that year, I also made Chantal matching pillow cases to her quilt  using this method.  Once I find the instructions again, I will post. This quilt has a green backing, matching the colour green in the pattern.  To do the binding, I just cut the bottom larger than the top, turn it up and sew into place.  Easy.  I used a decorative stitch to sew the binding and machine quilted throughout.  It is shown laid out on top of a queen size bed.

DSC00326 DSC00325 DSC00323 DSC00322

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