In 2012, when I started quilting, I became quickly addicted to purchasing stuff to make the hobby more enjoyable.  I now have 3 bins in assorted sizes, filled with quilting stuff. Fabric, of which a lot was purchased from the estate of a quilter, notions, different types of rotary cutters and a brand new super expensive iron, which is identical to one that Jenny from Missouri Star Quilting uses.  I continued to try to be fugal and never did purchase what was told to me as a necessity, an 18″ ruler.  I searched Kijiji, visited fabric stores, ordered items online, watched videos, joined list serves and participated in forums.  I haven’t ever lost interest, but quickly realized that although what brought me back to quilting was the fact I could do it by machine and never have to quilt by hand again. What I couldn’t do and consequently extremely disappointed about it, was free motion quilting. In the quilting world this is known as FMQ.  I tried once and it was a lot of work for not getting very good results.  It requires you to drop the feed dog on your machine.  I have a little plastic lever on mine and once dropped, I had to take the machine totally apart down there, to return the feed dog to its working place.  After practicing FMQ the results were disappointing. It wasn’t worth the trouble that I had to do to make it work on my machine.  I would have purchased an FMQ machine (costs in the thousands!), if I could afford it. Another thing about quilting on a machine, is that you require a lot of space. My sewing machine arrangement just didn’t cut it.  When I remove the boat stuff in storage from another room, setting that space up for sewing will be my only option.

In 2015, I decided the only way for me to get into this is to buy any kind of a machine to do FMQ and figure out a new space!  The extra room which I thought I could use three years ago, turned to be the current bedroom of my daughter. Onwards and upwards! With money from my mother for birthday and Christmas gifts and Michael offering to make up the difference, I now had a budget of around $500 taxes included. Wasn’t going to get me an FMQ machine, nor  much more throat space than my current 20 stitch Kenmore, but it would get me something digital and some awesome embroider stitches. I then started over two weeks of extensive research and finally decided on one particular machine. Discovering just a few days after my purchase, that the shopping channel offered for the same price the same brand with double the number of stitches along with an extension table was disappointing news, but I realized that number 1, I don’t get the shopping channel, and number 2, even if I did, the chances of me watching it at the right time was probably very slim. I am very happy with my purchase!

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