The White Maid Marion Hood

DSC02220Chantal pinned a “Maid Marion” hood which I actually fell in love with.  I knew I still had the off-white super chunky yarn  and thought it would look nice in the cable knit.  The only problem with this link, was it didn’t contain a pattern.  I used two balls of yarn to complete the hood, and didn’t like it at all at the bottom.  It just didn’t fit properly.  I let it sit between projects, grabbed it one day and unraveled the neck part (which was separate anyway).  I then added a tied small scarf portion and love it! I was surprised that Chantal didn’t claim it. She said she didn’t like the bump on the top (which I made sure I added, as it was shown in the original) and I don’t think she actually liked the colour.  Fine with me. I loved it, and it works great for those days, when the temperature dips down to -15 C and colder!  Well below freezing.


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