Purple Hats

DSC02117Still in the “using up yarn” mode, I started to get a bit more adventurous.  Chantal took home one hat that I thought could be called a slouch style. What it really was, was again too large.   I have asked for it back.  I have a two- fold reason. I want to take it apart and use the yarn to replace the plain yarn with the textured yarn. I know the cable stitches won’t show as nicely as they now show, but I think the two different yarns here, really don’t work at all.  I liked the way I made the hat though. I started with a cable knit head band. Sewed the two ends together, then added stitches to the upper end of the band with a circular needles and knit the remainder in my basic hat instructions, with a bit of variation.  Layton is the hat model.

DSC02119 DSC02118 DSC02115

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