Headband and Cowl

DSC02185Another item that Chantal had pinned was a cable knit head band. I tried to make one in purple once but turned it quickly into a band for a hat. I went to her Pinterest profile and pinned a head band she liked.  For some reason I didn’t seem to follow the instructions, as my results look a bit different. The pattern shows three cables and the headband I made seems to be be only two. Using two balls of grey chunky yarn I made the head band and a cowl to complete a set.  Of course, Chantal loved it!  The pattern for the cowl was from Bernat and really fun to make! I had planned to make it in off white as shown on the instructions, but she wanted grey. That left me with two balls of off white yarn for another project.  Looking back at it now, I think a head band in the exact pattern as the cowl would be nicer.  An idea for another item for the set!

Before she took it home, I took a picture of Layton modeling the set.  It looks nicer on her!


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