Christina’s Birthday Hat

After making the Creeper sweater and slouch hat, I realized that at this point, I just had to start buying yarn.  Off I went to Walmart, where I fell in love with the new chunky yarn from Bernat.  They advertise it as a quick knit. But beware, yarn is by weight, which means there is less in a ball.  Knitting hats from it means that if I want to stay in the one ball per hat, I might have to start making them so that the ribbing doesn’t turn up and save yarn that way.   The winter of 2013-14 has been long and cold, and it appeared quickly to me that by the lack of product and selections on the shelves, many people took up knitting!  I purchased less than $100 of yarn, in various colours, designs, and ball sizes.  I opted for the larger ball, when available.

DSC02136My grandson’s mom, Christina, fell in love with my hats, and in all fairness, since Chantal was getting so many, I wanted to make one for Christina for her birthday.  She said she didn’t care about the colour, so I selected a yarn in variegated blue.  Knowing from previous experience that the cable stitch doesn’t show up well in variegated yarn, I still thought she would love it. She did!  What I quickly discovered, was that the yarn was really too bulky  to knit with the needles I had and knit up rather tight. I still was able to get enough out of the ball for the full hat.  But a second trip was needed to buy more needles for all this new yarn.


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