Hats and Scarves

I have always had this love for making hats and scarfs. Mostly hats.  My dream was to become a milliner or hatter, but I had no idea where to pursue that dream nor would my parents ever have considered or agreed to me moving into that direction.  They refused that I attend the Art College, which I thought would be the first step.

As a lefty, people found it difficult to teach me handiwork.  All my relatives were right handed. If I were to learn anything, I had to figure out a way to think opposite to them or adapt.  With crochet, I sat directly in front of my grandmother and figured it out from viewing her backwards.  Her right hand movements were my left hand movements. Well sort of. I still had to work out how the right side of the work differed from the wrong side.  But at least she was willing to spend some time with me while I worked it all out. My mother knit, but it was always mittens or socks, so the four needles confused me more.  Knitting was something she picked up in the evening to relax after working all day looking after 4 kids. She seemed to have no desire in spending time with me as knitting was her time and I don’t think she knew where to start with a left handed student.

By the time I was in high school I figured out how to knit right handed. With knitting it really didn’t matter much as you had a needle in each hand anyway! I knit scarves for friends and was crazy crocheting floppy brimmed hats. The rage at the time.  I crocheted red and white hats for each of the cheerleaders at my school! Our squad had such a unique look! People brought me in yarn and I would crochet them a hat during any free time at school.  I always had a hook and yarn in my locker!  Over the years I continued to crochet hats here and there, always making up my own patterns.

With so many individual hat and scarf projects, I needed to break up the site a bit and list them all under one heading.  Enjoy!

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