Christina’s Birthday Quilt
Rainbow’s Quilt
Layton’s Quilt
Chantal’s Birthday Quilt
Allison’s Quilt
Baby Quilt
Sewing Machine
Knitting – Needles and Stuff:
Hats and Scarves
Rekindling a Relationship with Mary Maxim
Mary Maxim Comes Out of the Closet
Beginners Cable Knit Hat (Instructions Included)
...Minecraft Creeper Sweater
Another Design for a Cable Hat
Purple Hats
Lazy Hat
Crochet Scarf
Scrappy Knit Hat
The Purple Poncho
The White Maid Marion Hood
Headband and Cowl
A Hat and Scarf for Me!
Christina’s Birthday Hat

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    1. Thanks. I have more, just haven’t been organized enough to add it all! Have been adding recipes instead and updating the boat end of things. Never enough time! Thanks again for reading!

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